Matrimonial & Family Law

Joint Divorce Petition, Single Divorce Petition (Contested),Foreign Divorce Declaration Petition, Child Custody, Care & Control, Child Access, Ancillary Applications Pending Divorce, Nullity & Annulment of Marriage, Domestic Violence, Injunctions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

International Commercial Arbitration, Domestic Commercial/ Constructions / Shipping Arbitration, Indian Arbitration, Investor-State Arbitration, CIPAA Adjudication (Construction Industry Payment Dispute Statutory Adjudication)

Corporate & Commersial

Tenancy Agreement, Lease Agreement, Partnership Agreement, Sale and Purchase of Business, Joint Venture Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Commercial Leasings

General Litigation

Administrative Law, Anti-suit Injunctions, Aviation Accident, Banking & Insolvency, Constitutional Law, Construction Law, Contractual Disputes, Company Disputes, Defamation & Tortious Disputes, Debt Recovery, Environment Law, Injunctions, Islamic Finance, Industrial Accidents, Judicial Review, Land Acquisition & Disputes, Medical Negligence, Media & Entertainment Law, Personal Injury Claim, Professional Liability & Negligence, Shipping & Maritime Law, Cyber Security Law, Industrial Court & Employment matters

Criminal Litigation

Commercial crimes, Computer Crimes, offences under the Penal Code, bailable and non-bailable offences.

Conveyancing & Banking

Sale and purchase agreements, transfer of property, discharge of charge, deed of receipt and reassignment, perfection of transfer and charge, transmission of property, Tenancy, Trust Deeds, Power of Attorney, FIC and State Government Approval for foreigners, Securities documents on conventional and islamic loan facilities and charges, Debentures - fixed/ floating, State Government approval in relation to Bumilot and Malay reservation land

Will, Trust & Probate

Drafting of Will & Trust, Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration (Contested and non-contested), Order for sale.