• Dato Dr. Arunan Selvaraj

Divorce Cases in Malaysia

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Being entangled in a divorce case does not necessarily mean that all is lost. A divorce case could truly be a beginning rather than the end. There may be many factors that may have caused the divorce e.g. lack of communication, infidelity, social pressure and lack of intimacy just to name a few.

Most of the time, being involved in a divorce case brings about anguish and shame. The feeling is as though you are the only one who is going through such a tough time with a difficult person you once vowed to live the rest of your life with.  If you could not imagine anyone being worse off than you, always remember that there are 7 billion people in this little place we call earth, someone ought to out do you. That being said, here are stranger than fiction divorce cases to prove that you are, in fact, not alone in this world. Till divorce do us part, literally.

In a Cambodian divorce case, the ex-husband deemed it fit that all shared assets should be split in half. He obviously took a literal interpretation of the term “split in half” when he sawed off his wooden marital home into two with the help of his relatives. He later brought his half share to his parent’s house. To think that this would be a one-off case would be extremely wrong. History repeats itself on the other side of the world in Germany.

Here is to hoping that this would not become a trend. You have one unread message. In Jordan, two lonely people in the midst of divorce fell in love without ever meeting each other in real life, or so they thought. These two individual fell in love in the comforts of their own homes via the internet. Little did they know that they actually shared the same home. In fact, they were already married to each other. In this divorce case, each used their respective pseudonyms and hence the surprise when the cat was out of the bag. Soon after finding out the truth, unlike a typical Hollywood romantic comedy where coincidence like this would make estranged couple reconcile, they finalised their divorce. Eyes wide shut.

2006 was an unbecoming year for a man in West Bengal. In this divorce case, the man who had the boon of the gab also had the curse of doing so whilst asleep. This man had uttered the word “Talaq” three times in his sleep to his wife who was still awake. In Islam, uttering the word “Talaq” three times constitutes a divorce. Upon consulting their local cleric, uttering such words despite being asleep meant that the divorce was the real deal.

This divorce case did have a happy ending because the couple soon remarried each other. To go out on a limb, he was probably awake during the remarriage. A little goes a long way. Whilst some could not stop talking in slumber, a man from Nigeria, more conventionally, at least, could not stop talking whilst being awake. This man could not resist the urge to keep the lid closed about his family secrets away from his extended family that his wife has had just about enough. The divorce case also listed his inability to trust his wife as another reason why his wife filed for the separation.

Perhaps, after the divorce, he could reinvent himself as a newscaster since he seems to have the natural gift for it. A “purr-fect” mistress.

A man’s best friend may be a dog, but for this woman, her best friends were cats. She loves them so much that she chose her feline buddies over her husband. In this divorce case, the husband had too much fur ball to ingest when he decided that he had had enough of his wife’s adopted cats (all 550 of them to be precise). The Israeli divorce case was finalised despite the couple attempting reconciliation at the behest of the local rabbinical church. The woman, alas, could not bear parting ways with all her 550 furry friends just for one man. Snooze.

Whilst the divorce case above had help from the church, the next divorce case was caused by the church or at least, its bells. In this Rhode Island divorce case from the United States, the husband was so agitated by the church bells chiming away at least 700 times per week that it took a toll on his marriage. This eventually caused the dissolution of his marriage. The man hopes that this will make the church reconsider the amount of time they ring their bells.

Perhaps writing a complain letter to the church would have been easier. Space pollution. New Zealand is known for its green pastures, its amazing sceneries that were beautifully shot in the movie “Lord of the Ring” and a woman who launched her wedding ring into space with a rocket. This divorce case was a bitter one. So bitter that the woman did not want any reminder of her past that she even gave away her wedding dress. The rocket was built by her current partner’s brother. 

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Divorces are not easy on anyone. This article is only an attempt to see the lighter side of trials and tribulation in life, or at least, the lighter side of someone else’s. The point is, having a positive outlook on separation or any difficult phases in our lives do help and hopefully this article was a reminder of that. You may be surprised to know that in some parts of the world like Japan for instance, divorces are in fact celebrated with the same guests who attended the wedding with cakes et al.