Dato Dr. Arunan Selvaraj

LLB Hons, England, CLP, MBA, PHD in Family Law.

Areas of Expertise: Family Law, Civil and Criminal Litigation

Dato’ Dr. Arunan Selvaraj - graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree from England, a Masters of Business Administration from Hawaii, USA and a Doctorate in Family Law from Ireland.  He was called to the Malaysian Bar and admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor at the High Court of Malaya in 1992. Subsequently, he expanded his horizontal establishing the Firm of Messrs. Rusmah Arunan & Associates in 1995, of which he is the Managing Partner.  


Entering his 27th year of practice, Dato Dr. Arunan Selvaraj has attained a knack and forte in the practice area of Matrimonial and Family Law via his excellent touch in matters concerning Adoption, Child Custody, Divorce (Joint Petition and Contested) Guardianship, Spousal Maintenance, Property Division to name a few.   


In addition to the above, Dato’ Dr. Arunan Selvaraj is well versed in the ropes Criminal Law, Private Probate, Management of Private Companies and Wealth Accumulation and Preservation, Finance Management, Wills and Insurance.A hatch of legal history in Malaysia was founded upon efforts of Dato Dr. Arunan Selvaraj and his firm being the first Firm to file an action in Courts and to obtain a settlement for clients of the dire MH370 catastrophe.  


A Man of Many Talents – Dato’ Dr. Arunan Selvaraj is also the author of the book entitled “Saving Your Marriage”, a book that encompasses the rudiments and trivial details of marriage and divorce.  In his book, Dato’ Dr. Arunan Selvaraj shared his experience and is in the process of bolstering the author in him, as he currently works on more written material to be published in the near future. 


Dato’ Dr. Arunan Selvaraj possesses an ardent sense of enthusiasm and experience in the inculcation of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods; always negotiating matters towards the best interest of his clientele.  In his desire to share his knowledge, Dato’ Dr. Arunan Selvaraj contributes articles to magazines, conducts seminars and has given talks on various aspects of law, wealth and finance management, marriage and relationships  as well as, on other aspects of law.